Save the Planet: Stop Harper!

For the last two years, the Harper government has done everything it could to wreck the world's efforts to fix climate change. Canadians are coming together across party lines to fight climate change and vote for the candidate in their riding that is most likely to defeat the Conservative. Take the pledge below to join the effort!

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The Stop Harper Pledge:

I pledge to vote smart to help prevent a Harper majority government from devastating our climate. If the election in my riding is close and could elect a Conservative, I will come together with other Canadians across party lines, vote for the candidate most likely to defeat the Conservative candidate, and encourage my friends and family to do the same.
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15,786 Canadians have signed the pledge. Help us reach 30,000

For an excellent guide to how to vote smart where your live and stop a Harper majority, visit: VOTEFORENVIRONMENT.CA This site uses the latest polls to tell you whether your race is close, and which local candidate is your best bet to stop Harper.
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