ACTA - Time to Win!

To: European Commission President José-Manuel Barroso:

As citizens concerned about the content and the process of the ACTA agreement we call on you to instruct the European Court of Justice to do a full assessment of its threats to our rights and freedoms. The precious values set out in the EU treaties and charters must not be diluted or compromised to benefit large companies.

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Posted: 1 March 2012
In days, the European Commission will try a last ditch attempt to revive ACTA. But we can shine a light on their dirty trick and foil their plans.

Governments are turning their back on ACTA one by one, so the EC is asking their Court of Justice to give the treaty the greenlight and renew its momentum -- but they plan to manipulate the process by giving the court only a narrow, uncontroversial question to consider, hoping it will lead to a positive outcome.

We can push the court to see though the EC's ploy and look at all the legal implications of this censorship treaty on our freedoms -- forcing a negative decision that kills ACTA for good. Sign the petition now:

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