ACTA - Time to Win!

To: European Commission President José-Manuel Barroso:

As citizens concerned about the content and the process of the ACTA agreement we call on you to instruct the European Court of Justice to do a full assessment of its threats to our rights and freedoms. The precious values set out in the EU treaties and charters must not be diluted or compromised to benefit large companies.

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Posted: 1 March 2012
In days, the European Commission will try a last ditch attempt to revive ACTA. But if we intervene now this global attack on Internet freedom will collapse.

We are so close to winning -- our 2.4 million strong petition has stunned politicians across Europe and halted the censors. Now the European Commission is on the back foot and hoping the Court of Justice will give ACTA the greenlight by presenting a very narrow legal question that is sure to receive a positive answer.

But if we all raise our voices now we can ensure the Court looks at all the legal impacts of ACTA, and releases an opinion that tells the truth about ACTA's attack on our rights. Sign the urgent petition to European Commission President José Manuel Barroso to call on the Court to tell the whole truth:

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