Over the last year, Avaaz has been running the following campaign: "The Palestinian-Israeli conflict lies at the heart of a global clash threatening to divide us all. People from every corner of the world want a just and lasting peace in the Middle East - and the international community can and must help bring all sides to the table. Start Real Middle East Talks Now, and stay at the negotiating table until we have peace." Do you support or oppose us running this campaign, or are you not sure?

SUPPORT 91.0% 19382
NOT SURE 7.5% 1586
OPPOSE 1.5% 320

Below are five different views about the Annapolis meeting hosted by US President Bush, and the process that will follow. Please tick all those with which you agree. The Annapolis meeting:
Represents a real chance to move toward fair and lasting peace 18.3% 3927
Could offer some hope to make people's daily lives better 36.2% 7776
Depends on a real process being put in place in the coming months 67.6% 14540
Was designed to build an alliance against Hamas / Iran / Hezbollah 35.1% 7541
Is on the wrong track altogether 13.7% 2941

Based on what you know now, what do you think the likelihood is that the process launched at Annapolis will lead to a viable peace agreement?
No chance of success 14.7% 3152
Little chance of success 48.0% 10291
Not sure 31.3% 6696
Likely to succeed 5.4% 1167
Certain to succeed 0.5% 117

Who do you support to play a leadership and mediation role in the peace process? For each possible mediator, please indicate whether you support, oppose, or are unsure about them playing such a role.
President Bush and the United States
SUPPORT 15.3% 3131
NOT SURE 26.4% 5409
OPPOSE 58.4% 11977
The United Nations
SUPPORT 79.5% 16823
NOT SURE 15.7% 3325
OPPOSE 4.8% 1016
The European Union
SUPPORT 56.6% 11666
NOT SURE 34.1% 7030
OPPOSE 9.3% 1913
The international "Quartet"
SUPPORT 26.0% 5151
NOT SURE 59.7% 11826
OPPOSE 14.4% 2846
The Arab League
SUPPORT 46.1% 9469
NOT SURE 38.2% 7856
OPPOSE 15.7% 3224

What do you think about Hamas and the peace process? Please select whichever options you agree with (you can choose more than one):
They should be isolated and not engaged until they recognise Israel's right to exist and other conditions 14.6% 3132
They are an important Palestinian political force, which cannot be isolated and must be engaged with realistically 78.4% 16854
They are radical Islamist terrorists with whom dialogue is pointless, who need to be isolated or dismantled 4.8% 1025
They are emerging as the true leaders of the Palestinian people 10.6% 2274
Don't know 11.6% 2490

Below are some of the more targeted campaigns Avaaz could run over the next few months. Please say whether you would support or oppose each of these campaigns, or if you are not sure:
For a peace agreement between two states, Israel and Palestine, with borders based on 1967 lines, Jerusalem as the capital of both states, and an agreed solution to the issue of the refugees
SUPPORT 76.4% 15889
NOT SURE 19.4% 4042
OPPOSE 4.1% 857
Engaging Hamas in talks
SUPPORT 79.5% 16462
NOT SURE 16.6% 3447
OPPOSE 3.8% 796
Addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza
SUPPORT 94.8% 19810
NOT SURE 4.3% 889
OPPOSE 0.9% 197
Challenging all parties - including Hamas and Israel - to sign up to a future of two states based on 1967 lines, and an end to violence
SUPPORT 82.5% 17016
NOT SURE 14.4% 2961
OPPOSE 3.1% 647
Achieving a reciprocal ceasefire between Hamas and Israel
SUPPORT 90.1% 18756
NOT SURE 8.2% 1701
OPPOSE 1.7% 359
This snapshot will be updated regularly as the global interactive poll continues over the coming week, and the final results will be emailed to all participants.

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