Harper Stop Blocking UN Climate Talks!

On the final day of the Bali Climate Change Summit, the world faced down an effort by the US, Canada and Japan to wreck the negotiations. Over 600,000 Avaaz members mobilized to save the Bali talks, including 320,000 in the final 72 hours!

Avaaz members helped tip the balance in may ways, including:
• Holding or attending local rallies in over 100 nations, as well as outside the conference in Bali,
• Bringing the voice of 2.6 million people directly into Bali through the largest joint climate petition delivery ever,
• Launching massive and successful rapid response campaigns to pressure the American, Canadian and Japanese governments, culminating in multi-national newspaper ads shaming these countries for seeking to wreck the talks.

When the dust settled, we had won a road map to create an international climate treaty to replace Kyoto by 2009 and an $80 billion annual fund to help poorer countries adapt to climate change. Sadly, our goal of specific emission reduction targets was unrealized. By 2009 we need much more than references to "deep cuts"--we need aggressive, binding targets. So the Bali roadmap keeps the door open, and challenges all of us to keep the pressure on.

Click the video at right to see a message from Liberal leader Stephane Dion at the Bali summit - Avaaz is a non-partisan group and the NDP and Green Party also deserve credit for opposing Harper, but Dion had an impassioned comment for us.

Our Petition to Prime Minister Harper:

We call on you to uphold Canada's values, stop blocking UN climate talks and immediately start working with other countries towards a new international climate agreement.

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signed the petition. We reached our target in just 4 days!

Click to see the ad we ran Friday in newspapers:
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