End animal brutality in Australian abattoirs

To all State Ministers for industry and agriculture:

As Australian citizens concerned about the brutal and horrific animal abuse in some of Australia's abattoirs, we call on you to introduce mandatory CCTV monitoring in all abattoirs and end the worst animal abuse for good.
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Posted: 8 August  2012
Shocking new footage from a NSW abattoir shows pigs being bludgeoned with sledgehammers and piglets viciously booted across blood stained floors. The cruelty is unspeakable, but now we have a chance to stop these sickening abuses for good.

Australian Pork Limited agrees these latest abuses are 'indefensible', but the industry wants to limit action to the one abattoir. It's up to us to change the law and get mandatory CCTV monitoring in all abattoirs, as is standard in the US. Let's turn up the heat on state governments, starting with NSW, to permanently stamp out abattoir abuses.

The industry is on the back foot -- now is our chance to demand new protections to end animal abuse in abattoirs. Sign the petition to the right demanding that first NSW, then the other states legislate mandatory CCTV monitoring in abattoirs. When we get 100,000 signers we’ll deliver our call in Sydney with herds of cardboard pigs in tow.

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