Bankers Behind Bars

To G20 leaders:

As citizens appalled by the way the banking industry flaunts laws and commits crimes without adequate punishment, we urge you to bring in strong and universal regulation to put an end to impunity in banking and ensure public interest is put above greed. As G20 leaders, you have a unique opportunity to make this happen by bringing your regulators together and agreeing on strict rules. We’re fed up with banking scandals and call on you to act swiftly now to stop these crimes.
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Posted: 3 July 2012
Banks are getting away with theft and fraud -- crimes the rest of us would go to jail for. A fresh Barclay's bank scandal has just been exposed with mountains of evidence -- but not one person has been arrested and Barclay's Bank has been fined just a fraction of its £6 billion profits! An outcry now can toughen up banking laws and bring the banking menace to an end.

G20 leaders have announced that they want to pass real regulation that stops banking crimes, but they have yet to act. Still, the US has made key moves to close loopholes and there is an inquiry right now in the UK. We can ride this momentum and push all G20 leaders to pass tough bank crime laws now.

We have a chance to clean up this rotten industry -- and our jobs and future depend on it. The leaders of the 20 most powerful economies have already said they want tougher banking rules. Let's make those words mean something. Sign the petition on the right, and when we reach 1 million, we’ll deliver it to G20 leaders with a huge media storm.

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