Stop Belo Monte!

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A powerful inter-governmental organization has called on Brazil to halt construction of Belo Monte -- a massive dam that would decimate the delicate Amazon ecosystem -- and President Dilma has two days to answer. With this unprecedented international pressure, we have a chance to stop Belo Monte for good!

The Organization of American States has responded to a direct plea from affected Amazonian communities and officially asked the Brazilian government to immediately stop the Belo Monte construction. It warns that Brazil might be violating inter-American treaties by proceeding with the destructive dam project.

The deadline for Brazil's response to the OAS is this Friday. We only have two days to use this opportunity to tell President Dilma, the Ministry of International Relations and the Special Secretariat on Human Rights that we stand with the OAS and the Amazonian people. Send a message to President Dilma, the Foreign Ministry and the Human Rights Secretariat demanding that Brazil abide by its treaty obligations and stop Belo Monte immediately.

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