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Posted: 21 November 2011
Despite overseeing bribery, hacking and blatant bullying of politicians, James Murdoch is about to be confirmed as chairman of the international broadcaster BSkyB -- unless we come together to fire the Murdoch mafia from this important news outlet.

The Murdochs already tried to buy complete control of BSkyB, but our outcry forced them to abandon their bid -- rocking the Murdochs' control over their entire empire.Now BSkyB shareholders are talking about kicking James out for good. If we all take action before the vote on November 29th we can tip them over the edge.

A brand new tool allows each of us to email our public pension funds and investment funds or individual shareholders asking them to vote against James Murdoch at the BSkyB annual general meeting. Don't have a fund? The tool also gives you a shareholder to contact as a concerned citizen. We have just seven days to build a wave of opposition against the Murdoch stranglehold on our media. Click to the right to send a message.

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