48 hours to save Canadian journalism

To the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission:

As concerned Canadians who value journalistic integrity, we urge the CRTC to protect, not weaken, Canada's standards for journalism by refusing to change the "fair and balanced" rule for news networks and distributors. Open and honest media is vital to our democracy. We urge you to keep Canada's news honest.

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In 48 hours, public protections against false news coverage could be destroyed. The CRTC may pass a huge loophole to the “fair and balanced” rule that currently prevents media from outright lying to the public.

Canada's broadcast journalism standards are an impediment to the new "Fox News North" (Sun TV) network being set up by Prime Minister Harper's cronies, which promises to mimic Fox News -- the poisonous US propaganda network. The CRTC rule change, which allows false news to be blasted across Canadian airwaves, comes just as SunTV is about to launch. We can stop this -- last year, we prevented Harper cronies from pressing the CRTC to fund "Fox News North" with public money. Now, we have just two days to raise another national outcry to save the standards of Canadian journalism, and our democracy. Sign the petition, and then tell everyone about this campaign:

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