Oil giant Chevron is facing defeat in a lawsuit by the people of the Ecuadorian Amazon, seeking redress for its dumping billions of gallons of poisonous waste in the rainforest.

But the oil multinational has launched a last-ditch, dirty lobbying effort to derail the people’s case for holding polluters to account.

Chevron’s new chief executive John Watson knows his brand is under fire – let’s turn up the global heat. Sign the petition below urging Chevron to clean up their toxic legacy, and it will be delivered directly to the company´s headquarters, their shareholders and the US media!

To John Watson, the new CEO of Chevron:
We urge you to demonstrate genuine commitment to environmental accountability and respect for human rights in all Chevron’s business practices. Instead of lobbying to evade your obligations, take full responsibility for what your corporation has done: clean up Chevron’s toxic legacy in Ecuador, compensate affected communities for the damage you have done to their lives and environment, and adopt new policies worldwide to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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