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To South African President Zuma and Minister Radebe:

We call on you to publicly condemn 'corrective rape', criminalise hate crimes, and ensure immediate enforcement, public education and protection to victims. This terrible practice can only be stopped with leadership from your office and throughout government.
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‘Corrective rape’, the vicious practice of raping lesbians to ‘cure’ their sexuality, is a crisis in South Africa.

Millicent Gaika, pictured above, was bound, beaten, strangled, and repeatedly raped in an attack last year. But brave South African activists are risking their lives to get urgent action. And in just a few weeks their online appeal to the Ministry of Justice has reached 130,000 signers, but they still have no official response.

If we amplify and escalate their campaign to President Zuma, and shine a light on this horror from all corners of the world, we could help make sure they’re heard. Lets call on President Zuma and the Minister of Justice to publicly condemn ‘corrective rape’, criminalise hate crimes, and lead a critical shift against rape and homophobia. Sign the petition now and share it with everyone -- when it reaches 500,000 signatures, we will deliver it with South African activists.

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