Join Gordon Brown Q&A on Copenhagen

We just got word that UK Prime Minister. Gordon Brown, would like to update Avaaz members on the Copenhagen summit and answer some questions from us today (Wednesday), before he sits down with other top leaders.

So we've set up a mass phone-call a few hours from now, and everyone's invited!

Brown took a phone-call from our September 21st flashmob in London’s Parliament Square, and promised to go to Copenhagen and work for a fair, ambitious and binding treaty. Now, with the summit in danger of failure, he is one of our best hopes to champion a strong deal -- and refuse to accept a weak one. We can use this opportunity to find out the inside story of these fast-moving talks, and send him a clear message that people around the world want him to stay strong for a real deal.


Listen to a recording of the conference call with Gordon Brown here:

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