No tar sands in Europe

To Norman Baker, UK Transport Minister:

The UK government should support a strong European Fuel Quality Directive that penalises tar sands for their appalling climate change impact. Tar sands fuels have significantly higher emissions than conventional crude and the UK should support, not hinder, Europe’s efforts to reduce this environmental destruction. A good, science-based, directive will help meet our emissions reduction goals.

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Posted: 20 June 2011
Right now, EU law makers are introducing an important bill which would impose strict pollution standards on car and lorry fuels and would effectively ban tar sands fuel, the world's most filthy and environmentally destructive transport oil. But shockingly, the UK is opposing it.

Our government is bending under pressure from the oil industry and the Canadian government, who stand to make billions if they can get an ally to water down the law and remove the clause that bans tar sands. We can expose these dirty dealings, and demand the government support the law and protect the climate.

In 2 days, campaigners will meet with Transport Minister Norman Baker. Let's show him the British public is united against any attempt to undermine this critical legislation -- sign here, then send this to everyone!

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