End the rape epidemic

To Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, all party leaders and all candidates running for office:

India is facing a rape epidemic. To end it, we need more than new laws, we need urgent cultural change to address the underlying causes of our nation's mistreatment of women and girls. We demand that the government, every candidate for office and every political party publicly commit to supporting a mass public education campaign to end the war on our daughters and sisters. In addition, we call on all parties to adopt the Verma Committee recommendations -- zero tolerance for candidates with a record of sexual violence. If we are to end this crisis, we can't have rapists in government.
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Posted: 22 April  2013
Even toddlers are not safe from rape. Delhi is in the streets in protest against the brutal kidnapping and violation of a 5-year-old girl, but there are no words, no marches that match this degree of brutality and violence.

It must stop.

Our society, our courts, our police, our schools, our families, our government is tacitly allowing this to happen. She is five years old - we have lost our moral compass - this is terrorism on our children! But this is not an isolated incident -- it is a national emergency that cannot be dealt with by an inquiry, or a committee -- we need PM Singh to launch a public education campaign to end India's war on it's women and children. Sign on the right and share with everyone -- let's get urgent action to attack the culture of rape.

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