War on Terror: Demand the Truth

This week the US government is debating whether to set up a Commission of Inquiry to look into Bush's 'War on Terror' tactics. This could have major ramifications all the way up the chain of command.

Key US Senators, leading this call for justice, need a massive global endorsement to ensure that the Commission is set up and has real teeth. But there are powerful interests that want to cover up the truth about torture, secret detention and other unlawful abuse.

Sign this important petition below and we will present it to the Senate hearing before decisions are made this week:

To the US Government: We welcome President Obama’s announcements to begin to end the abusive tactics and policies of Bush's 'War on Terror'. We urge that an independent body is set up to fully investigate those practices, that those responsible are held accountable, and that future US anti terror practices rigorously conform with human rights principles and the rule of law. With this, a new beginning in global relations is possible.

130,928 have signed. We reached our initial target of 100,000 in 48 hours. Let's spread the word and get to 150,000