EU: Save Herbal Medicine!

To the European Commission and EU Governments:

As concerned EU citizens, we call on the Commission to amend the THMPD Directive, suspending the draconian measures against herbal medicines and removing all barriers to traditional remedies with a long history of use inside and outside Europe. We further call on our governments to refuse to comply with this Directive until it is amended. We have a right to choose among all remedies and medicines that can keep ourselves and our families healthy.

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Posted: 18 August  2011
Campaign launched at 18:00 CET on April 28 2011
The EU has just blocked our access to many herbal medicines, and already some household remedies are being taken off the shelves.

A new EU Directive came into force this week that erects high barriers to any herbal remedy that hasn't been on the market for 30 years -- including virtually all Chinese, Ayurvedic, and African traditional medicine. The EU Commission itself has recognised this is an over-regulation that will needlessly restrict consumer choice, but has done nothing to change it.

We need a massive outcry against this. Together, our voices can press the EU Commission to amend the directive, push our national governments to refuse to apply its excessive standards, and support a legal case that is challenging this regressive regulation. Sign on the right, then forward this campaign to everyone, and let's get to 1 million voices to save herbal medicine:

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