G20 Death -- Fix British Protest Policing

Peaceful protest is an essential part of our democracy. But at the G20 demonstrations last week it was threatened by flawed policing -- targeting the peaceful majority instead of isolating the handful of troublemakers. Watch one of the many videos which have shocked the nation, and let's stop this from ever happening again.

The police should be there to protect us and our rights and keep peaceful demonstrations safe for the majority. Enough is enough -- the British tradition of peaceful public protest is too important to lose. Sign the petition below, urging the government and the police to immediately change their policies towards policing demonstrations -- then spread the word to make sure they listen to us:

Petition to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee and Metropolitan Police Commissioner Paul Stephenson:
We are shocked by the policing of the G20 demonstrations in London. We call on you to hold those responsible to account and to change the policies which led to this failure: to end the use of batons on peaceful protesters and the pressure-cooker tactic of “kettling”, to make the policing of protests more responsive and accountable, and to reverse wider policies and laws which constrain and marginalise peaceful protest in the UK.

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This Guardian video shows what happened to Ian Tomlinson minutes before he collapsed and died. The footage was taken by an investment manager. Warning: disturbing.
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