Free Razan Ghazzawi

To the delegates to the Arab League:

As concerned citizens from around the world, we urge you to secure the release of Syrian woman blogger Razan Ghazzawi, who was captured and risks torture by the Assad regime. She is an international symbol of courage and peaceful resistance. Your leadership is crucial in pressing for civilian protection and ensuring the release of all those detained and tortured at the regime’s hands.  
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Posted: 5 December 2011
Syrian regime thugs arrested one of the revolution's bravest, most humane voices -- who is now at risk of indefinite detention, torture and even death unless we can raise a global outcry for her immediate liberation.

Syrian woman blogger Razan Ghazzawi has passionately advocated for freedom, human dignity, inclusion and women's rights. Not only is she a unique poetic and literary voice, she is one of the very few bloggers in Syria who writes under her real name. Displaying its characteristic cruelty, the Assad regime arrested Razan as she tried to leave Syria for a media freedom conference. Now only the Arab League, which has ousted Syria and is weighing which sanctions to impose on the regime, still has the leverage to secure her release.

Avaaz members have effectively lobbied the Arab League for sanctions on Syria -- let's raise a cry again to demand they help liberate Razan. Add your voice now to the call to free Razan!

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