Climate 2020: Real Talks, Real Targets!

The world needs bold leadership to confront the climate crisis. It is the responsibility of rich countries to help bring developing countries on board by setting concrete, short-term emission targets by 2020.

Avaaz has delivered this campaign in a big satirical advertisement in the Financial Times to convey a simple message to the G8: The world can't wait another decade for leaders to grow up and start confronting this crisis. The ad has been delivered to the hotel room of every G8 delegate, (click here to see the ad) so that no leader can ignore the political cost of shirking responsibility. Use the tools below to sign the petition and then donate to help cover the costs -

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Our message to Harper, Fukuda, and Bush:

The world can't wait for urgent action on climate change, and it is your responsibility to take the lead. We urge you to set binding targets to cut greenhouse gases by 2020, in line with what scientists say is needed to avert a climate catastrophe. Rich countries must help developing countries adapt and embrace a clean-energy future, and all must do their fair share to reduce emissions in time. Our common humanity demands nothing less.
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253,379 signed the petition. Help us get to 250,000

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