UPDATE: After over 1400 Palestinians have been killed and over 5000 wounded alongside 13 Israelis, Israel and Hamas have agreed a brief cessation of violence and the army withdrawing. We still need to urgently demand a proper, comprehensive and internationally-guaranteed ceasefire which makes sure this terrible violence will not be repeated. Much of Gaza lies in ruins and its people are still blockaded - a brief end to the shooting will not protect civilians or provide any basis for peace.

Join over half a million voices for peace and justice -- sign the petition now to call for robust international action to ensure and oversee a fair and lasting ceasefire deal in Gaza, re-opening the borders and crossings under proper supervision, ending the blockade of Gaza's 1.5 million civilians and guarding against attacks by either side -- we will send it to international powers who are right now taking decisions that will determine whether Gaza has a future:

Petition to the UN Security Council, the European Union, the Arab League and the USA:
We urge you to act immediately to ensure a comprehensive ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, to protect civilians on all sides, and to address the growing humanitarian crisis. Only through robust international action and oversight can the bloodshed be stopped, the Gaza crossings safely re-opened and real progress made toward a wider peace in 2009.

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