Germany: Save our green solar hope!

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  • As a citizen concerned about climate change and green jobs, I urge you to publicly state your intention to vote against EU Commissions plans to place a tariff on Chinese solar panels.
  • These tariffs would be a disaster for the clean energy revolution that is sweeping the world, and would lead to job losses of up to 240,000 across Europe.
  • I hope you will also take this opportunity to talk to your peers in Europe and urge them to join you in speaking out against solar tariffs.
  • Europe must talk to China and develop policies that support jobs and innovation, and speed up the clean energy revolution, not stifle it with protectionism. will protect your privacy and keep you posted about this and similar campaigns.
Posted: 20 May 2013
Climate change is accelerating, but there’s a massive new ray of hope: clean energy is booming, and producing nearly 20% of the world's electricity! Incredibly, the EU Commission is about to stifle our hope, but Germany could stop them.

While European governments keep cutting back on renewables and give huge handouts to Big Oil and Coal, China has invested billions in solar energy -- making it almost as cheap as fossil fuels! Now the European Commission is about to impose 47% tariffs on Chinese solar panels -- a harsh move that could kill the clean energy revolution, cause widespread job loses, and potentially trigger a trade war with China.

Governments have 48 hours left to respond to the EU. If enough of us demand it Chancellor Merkel and Minister Rösler, who both say they favour trade talks over tariffs, can reject the Commission's dangerous measures and persuade other EU countries to follow suit. Click below to send Merkel and Rösler a wave of messages urging them to save our green solar hope:

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