Stop Altmaier's fairy-tales -- save the energy revolution!


As concerned citizens, we urge you not to make drastic cuts to green power subsidies through the “Strompreisbremse” and to support sustainable energy reforms instead. We call on you to develop a long-term approach towards our energy revolution and ensure a fair price distribution, with industry and electricity providers paying their fair share. It’s time to put the future of our children and our planet above the narrow interests of big polluters and the election campaign.
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Posted: 20 March 2013
Our battle to avoid climate disaster is on a knife-edge: in 24 hours, Environment Minister Altmaier could kill Germany’s energy revolution, while trying to fool us that it’s good for us. But if enough of us act now, we can still call his bluff and ensure a green future for our country!

Minister Altmaier wants to reduce the cost of our electricity bills by imposing drastic cuts in green power funding. But the arguments for his "electricity price break" are closer to a fairy tale than to reality. According to many experts, it’s not renewables that drive up our electricity bills, but the selfish pricing policies of our energy companies and the many exceptions for big industry.

This Thursday our ministers are meeting at a major energy summit in Berlin - this could be our last chance to let them know that citizens across Germany want real reforms that benefit our planet and not the polluters. Click on the right to sign the petition and tell all your friends -- if we reach 100,000 signatures in the next 24 hours, we’ll hand over our voices through a fairy-tale media action right outside the summit:
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