To European, US and world leaders:
We urge you to take a lead in fixing the fundamental flaws and loopholes which made the global financial crisis possible, including basic problems of debt and risk, incentives and transparency. We need you to work together to protect the public good by framing stronger rules for all parts of the global financial system. Be bold, and we will support you.
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Photograph: Boris Roessler/EPA

The global financial crisis is spilling over into our lives, threatening jobs, savings, pensions and public services everywhere -- worldwide recession could be next, while the public bears the cost. It’s time for citizens around the world to raise our voices and demand that the fundamental causes of this crisis are addressed -- we need tough rules to stop the financiers’ folly, and a new framework that better serves the public interest.

Our campaign will be delivered by Denmark’s former prime minister to European leaders next Tuesday, then to US and world leaders as they grapple with this crisis: sign the petition and spread the word below!

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