ITU: Hands off our Internet!

To the ITU and all nations meeting at the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai:

As citizens of the world and Internet users, we call on you to reject any changes to current Internet regulations that would weaken or alter the free and open nature of the Internet, or give any government or body the ability to infringe on Internet users’ rights to free speech, free access to information or privacy. We also demand that any proposed changes to current international Internet regulations be publicly debated, and subject to citizen input and approval. 
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Posted: 7 December 2012
The Internet has been an amazing story of public ownership and people power since its inception -- but right now, the open Internet is facing one of its most dangerous threats yet at a UN meeting in Dubai. We can help save it if we act before the meeting closes in 5 days.

The Internet was born through scientists, users, and innovators working together to create something run by and serving the public. Subject to no central governance, and overseen only by a handful of non-profit organisations like ICANN, it's flourished -- empowering everything from home-grown music to world-shaking revolutions. But this week, authoritarian regimes are pushing to snatch control from these groups and subsume the Internet under the authority of a global UN treaty. Tim Berners-Lee, one of the founders of the Internet, has warned that this could destroy the current model and lead to censorship and invasions of our privacy online.

We've stopped government attempts to take control of the Internet before and can do it again. Already a wave of opposition is building -- if we supercharge it with a massive petition, we can empower those countries fighting this power grab. Sign the petition now to stand with ICANN and share this with everyone!
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