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Anti-Corruption in India

Cleaning Out Corruption in India

April 2011

Corruption has gone viral in India, infecting all parts of the country’s democracy. But a massive movement has sprung up to tackle this sickness head on. In just 36 hours, 500,000 Indians signed Avaaz’s petition to support the anti-corruption movement. Pushed by people power, the government agreed to all the movement’s demands, but has so far failed to implement this promise. The Times of India called Avaaz “a key player” in the anti-corruption movement.

Anti-Corruption in Spain

An Angel in Spain

March 2011

Partnering with the tireless Indignados, Spanish Avaazers won the world’s attention with theatrical stunts and a 100,000-strong petition calling for politicians with a history of corruption to be barred from elections. Our hard-work triggered a much-needed national debate on official graft and won Avaaz the title “Angel of the Day” from a Spanish paper.

Global Justice

Recovering Mubarak's Billions

February 2011

When Hosni Mubarak left power in Egypt, he tried to take his stolen billions with him. Within days, half a million Avaaz members petitioned G20 finance ministers to immediately freeze his assets.

As the ministers met in Paris, we delivered our message with an enormous “protest pyramid” opposite the Eiffel Tower. Weeks later the EU and others froze Mubarak and his aides’ assets. Avaaz is now working recover stolen assets from other fallen tyrants and improve the EU Sanctions system which is packed full of dictator-friendly loopholes.

Critical mass

Brazil: "Ficha Limpa"

July 2010

Ficha Limpa, the “clean record” law, was a bold proposal to ban anyone previously convicted of crimes of corruption from running for office in Brazil. Although many said that it would never pass, Avaaz members rallied to create the largest online campaign in Brazilian history, culminating in a petition of 2 million signatures, over 500,000 online actions, and tens of thousands of phone calls.

This united action allowed us to fight back as corrupt congressmen repeatedly tried to kill the bill through any means possible -- we prevailed in each and every attempt. Not only did we see it pass Congress, we watched as over 330 candidates for office faced disqualification because of their amoral conduct. Now we’ll fight to protect ficha limpa against the forces of corruption. If they come after it, we’ll be ready.

"I have never been as proud of the Brazilian people as I am today! Congratulations to all that have signed. Today I feel like an actual citizen with political power."

A Brazilian Avaazer