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Let's be friends

Supporting Democracy

Worldwide Solidarity for Egypt

February 2011

In the darkest hours of their struggle for liberation from the Mubarak regime, Egyptians told the world they needed solidarity – and Avaaz members answered the call. 600,000 of us around the world signed messages of support carried by Al Jazeera broadcasts straight into Tahrir Square – helping to sustain a movement fueled by hope through some of its most violent and uncertain hours.

Relief channel

Flood Relief for Pakistan

August 2010

A fifth of Pakistan was underwater, millions were homeless and in desperate need of help. Avaaz members did not hesitate. Together we raised $300,000 in just three days. But we didn’t stop there: In total nearly $1 million was given directly to trusted local partners. And every single penny we raised went to Pakistanis in need of assistance.

Compassion in crises

Rebuilding Haiti

January 2010

The huge earthquake that struck Haiti left the country in ruins. Thousands of us contributed more than $1.3 million for relief and recovery -- directing the funds to outstanding local groups for life-saving food kits, shelter and medicine.

But the crisis demanded more action. In the weeks that followed, hundreds of thousands of Avaaz members signed a global petition that helped secure the cancellation of $1 billion in debt Haiti owed to rich countries. Watch the story of our response.

Speak and be heard

Feeding the World

November 2009

With food prices soaring, Sierra Leonean foreign minister Zainab Bangura recorded a video appeal to Avaaz’s global membership asking for help in pressing governments into action. More than 360,000 members responded, signing a petition that was delivered to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at an emergency food summit in Rome.

Responding to global pressure, donor governments pledged billions in emergency food aid and joined a process to reconsider agricultural policy. In July 2010, the G8 pledged to "ensure the compatibility of policies for the sustainable production and use of biofuels with food security." It was an important steps but more pressure is needed to make this pledge a reality.

People to people

Blockade Running in Burma

May 2009

Cyclone Nargis killed close to 200,000 Burmese. The ruling generals made matters worse: blocking all international aid workers from getting medicine, food, and other emergency supplies into the country. The blockade was killing people so we contacted friends in Burmese monk networks to see how our community could help.

In just ten days, over 25,000 people from 125 countries donated $2 million to support the monks' relief efforts -- effectively distributing aid to those who needed it the most. We sent more money than most individual governments and we did so through fast-acting local networks.

"While the world was focused on the military junta's reluctance to allow foreign aid, Burmese citizens and monks were busy carrying out relief efforts that many now credit with preventing mass starvation."

Community of hope

A Global Handshake

May 2008

Over 2,000 Avaaz members in "One China" t-shirts formed a human hand chain from the Dalai Lama to the Chinese Embassy in London -- a tangible gesture of goodwill that culminated in a rally with a moment of silence for victims of the Sichuan earthquake. Thousands of Avaaz members joined online by lighting virtual candles for earthquake survivors and donating funds to purchase tents and other emergency supplies. Words can’t describe it, but hopefully this video can.