Hope for bees -- hours to act!

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Posted: 23 September 2012
A pesticide called Clothianidin is potentially killing bees and threatening our food supply. An EPA consultation on whether to suspend the use of these toxic pesticides closes on Tuesday at 5pm ET. Let's seize this opportunity to save the bees and flood the EPA with public support to stop these pesticides! Send an urgent message to the EPA now using the form on the right -- below are some suggestions on what to say:

Suggestions on what to say in your message

  • I urge the EPA to take swift action to suspend the registration for Bayer's neonicotinoid pesticide, Clothianidin.
  • This toxic pesticide threatens the mobility, navigation and feeding behavior of bees -- in turn risking our entire ecosystem's health.
  • The science indicates that this toxin is dangerous and until we know, without a doubt, Clothianidin is safe for bees, we cannot threaten our bees and our food system with its use.
  • I urge the EPA to grant the beekeeper and NGO petition and suspend the use of Clothianidin until it has adequate scientific research showing it is safe for our environment.
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