Tame the Murdoch Mafia

To Prime Minister David Cameron, Leader of the opposition Ed Miliband and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and all MPs:

As citizens of the UK whose trust has been broken by a media captured by one too-powerful empire, we share Lord Leveson’s view that “control of the media should not be concentrated in too few hands.” We therefore call on you to implement a 20% ownership cap by revenue on each media sector. Without such a limit, media empires will rise again to capture regulators old and new, narrow our national debate, and undermine our democracy.

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Posted: 3 December 2012
In hours the House of Commons could begin to free our country from the Murdoch media mafia. But we need to move fast to stop hacking, bribery and corruption in their tracks.

David Cameron plans to abandon hacking victims and ditch Lord Justice Leveson's plan, leaving the media to clean up its own mess. But Nick Clegg has so far defied the media bullies. So, if we strengthen the resolve of the Lib Dems and some disgruntled Tory MPs, Cameron will know he can get voted down, forcing him to agree to change the law.

If Parliament asserts itself in today's debate, we can get begin to free our politics from the moguls’ grip. Let's call on MPs and the leaders of our three main parties to agree to a law implementing Leveson’s recommendations and imposing a 20% cap on media ownership to cut media empires down to size so that no one owner or editor can grow too powerful. Sign the petition on the right, then write to your MP, and get lots of your friends involved.

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