Seven helpless elephants were killed this week by a speeding goods train. But this terrible slaughter could have be prevented.  

The massacre site in Jalpaiguri is a jumbo corridor where trains are required to provide safe crossing to the elephants. Negligent train drivers have killed 150 elephants since 1987, despite repeated calls to enforce safety measures. Only a deafening outcry from citizens could push the Railway Minister to take urgent action.

It is time to put an end to this carnage -- the Environment and Railway Ministers meet next week. Let's build a massive movement to protect our elephants. Sign the petition for accountability and safety and send this to everyone -- it will be delivered directly to the Railway Minister:

To Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee:
As citizens across India we ask you to take urgent steps to stop the killing of elephants and hold accountable those responsible for their slaughter. We call on you to immediately implement the safety measures requested of the Railway Ministry by the Elephant Task Force. Our country has the privilege of being home to these extraordinary animals and we have the obligation to protect them.

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Update: The petition reached over 3,000 signatures over the weekend. Let's keep up the public pressure and reach 10,000 before we present it to the Ministers.

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