Dark day for gay rights

To the Indian Supreme Court and Parliament:

The Indian Supreme Court brought shame on the great country of India by criminalising gay sex. LGBT Indians deserve the right to love just like anyone else. The world is now watching India to see if it plans to join the 21st Century and stand up for love by respecting the human rights of all, as outlined in India’s inspiring constitution.

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Two Indian Supreme Court judges just decided that gay sex is illegal. ILLEGAL!! But if we act fast we can help reverse this crazy backwards ruling.

Men and women in India now face police harassment and life imprisonment. This hateful decision is being met with outrage, and if we now show India that outlawing love is making them an international embarrassment we can get the Indian Parliament to fast track passing a law that the judges have to respect.

Sign now to help love conquer fear in India. When we reach 1 million we’ll get all our names written on hundreds of giant hearts ringing the Indian parliament, then place prominent ads showing that the world will no longer accept making love illegal.

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