Small Islands to World: S.O.S.

For the first time in human history, the North Pole can be circumnavigated -- the Arctic ice is melting quicker than many anticipated, accelerating sea level rise. Small island nations are preparing evacuation plans to guarantee the survival of their populations.

In a week, these small islands are tabling a resolution calling on the UN Security Council to address climate change as a pressing threat to international peace and security.

But the island states' campaign for survival is meeting fierce opposition, so they need our help. Sign the petition now -- it will be presented by the islands' ambassadors at the UN next week. The more signatures we raise, the more urgently this call will ring out to protect our common future:

To the UN General Assembly & Security Council:
We, citizens all around the world, share the small island states' concern that climate change threatens international peace and security. Action is needed now, and global climate negotiations must accelerate to deliver a strong deal in time to prevent catastrophe, as well as protecting those forced to relocate as a result of global warming. Our common future requires the United Nations to address the international climate crisis with at least as much urgency as it gives to matters of war and peace.
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Homes flooded in Funafuti, Tuvalu
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