Jordan: save our Internet!

To His Majesty King Abdullah, Minister of Information Sameeh Maaytah, and members of Parliament:

We urge you to drop the censorship amendments to the Media and Publications law. Media and internet freedom is vital for informed citizens to build a strong democracy, and these amendments would hamper free expression and harm Jordan's international image and investment environment. As citizens from across the country and the region, we ask you to push for the highest standards of internet and media freedom and set an example for the entire Middle East.

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Posted: 10 September 2012
In 24 hours, Jordan's parliament could pass harsh legislation to censor the Internet. Jordan could be the next Arab country to stifle media freedom -- or this could be the moment we launch an “Internet spring” and defend free expression in the region!

If these amendments pass, all online news sites would be required to register and obtain an expensive license from the Information Ministry. These broad powers could gag bloggers, restrict access to international sites and even allow government watchers to monitor any blog comments, chilling free exchange. MPs are telling us that if we galvanize enough public pressure now, it could influence their vote -- and keep Jordan’s Internet free!

Activists already put MPs on guard with website-blackouts last week, and they are staging sit-ins today and tomorrow to stop the censorship -- let’s strengthen their call on MPs not to gag the net! Sign now and share with your friends -- when we reach 2,000 signatures, we’ll deliver our voices straight to key MPs before the vote.

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