Justice for Bhopal

To Indian Finance Mininster Chidambaram:

Bhopal survivors have waited almost three decades for justice, detoxification of the site and full compensation. It’s time to end their struggle. Please ensure the Government’s submissions to the Supreme Court are as strong as possible and include all the victims identified by the survivor groups based on research from the Indian Council of Medical Research. 
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Posted: 13 July 2012
A chemical leak in India killed 20,000 people, poisoned 500,000 and caused decades of disease and death -- now survivors have a real chance to get justice from the company responsible. But the Indian government is working behind the scenes to help shield Dow Chemical from big payouts. It's up to us to step in and bring victory to the victims.

It took weeks of public outcry to convince the government to target Dow at all for these crimes and now Home Affairs Minister Chidambaram is busy erasing almost 80% of the victims from the claim, drastically reducing the possible damages.

Public pressure forced the Minister to support the victims in the first place. Now we have the chance to make this court case a real push for justice. Join the call, when we reach 500,000 signers we will display hard-hitting billboards outside of the two posh clubs the Minister frequents in Delhi.

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