Congress: End Polluter Payouts!

To Members of Congress:

As thousands of families still struggle to recover from Hurricane Sandy, we should not continue to give billions in taxpayer dollars to underwrite products that accelerate climate change and extreme weather. As you negotiate a budget deal to avert the "Fiscal Cliff," we call on you to cut every dollar in subsidies we currently provide to fossil fuel companies before touching health and social programs that directly support the poor and middle class. We can't afford more disasters like Hurricane Sandy -- it's time to put good ordinary Americans before Big Oil, Gas and Coal!
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Posted: 4 December 2012
Right now, as the winter freeze looms over the northeast, there are still thousands of families homeless and desperate as a result of Hurricane Sandy. But we have a huge opportunity to turn this tragedy into concrete action to get them relief and protect all of us from future extreme weather events if we act now.

The President and Congress are hammering out a deal right now to balance our national budget -- and there are more than $10 billion in tax breaks to Big Oil, Coal and Gas on the table that we could finally eliminate as a way of lowering spending. (Yes, these are TAX BREAKS for the guys who pollute our air and accelerate global warming and extreme weather events like Sandy.) And yet, Republicans have proposed cutting aid to the poor and middle class instead. Seriously??!!

Sign the petition calling on Congress to stop giving our hard-earned tax dollars to wealthy polluters. If we reach 50,000 signatures, Avaaz will organize a team of hurricane survivors to go to Washington to share their stories with key members of Congress, and bring the impact of irresponsible energy policy directly to the chairs across their desks.

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