Stop force eviction of Negev Bedouin

To Knesset Members:

We call you to vote against the Prawer-Begin bill, that will be brought to vote when Knesset resumes its work in October. The bill will forcibly displace tens of thousands of Bedouins from their homes and denies their right over 90% of their lands, on which they live since before the state of Israel was established. We urge you to follow your conscience and support a solution coordinated in cooperation with local residents instead of this discriminative bill.
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Posted: 21 May 2013
The Knesset is about to vote on a plan that would force up to 40,000 Israeli citizens out of the homes they've lived in since long before Israel was even established. But we have a last chance to stop this shameful eviction.

The government's bill was designed one sidedly without even consulting the Bedouin communities, denying their basic rights over their land. The bill will throw these poor communities into further unemployment and despair and it could lead to conflict. The government is trying to force it through, but a huge public outcry now can persuade coalition parties to think twice before endorsing this brutal injustice.

Let's urgently sign the petition calling Knesset Members to follow their conscience, and not the government's orders. The vote in the Knesset is on Monday.

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