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News of the World is back?!

This Sunday, Rupert Murdoch is making his next bold move to dominate our news media -- re-launching his disgraced Sunday paper under a new name.

The ‘Sun on Sunday’ is struggling to secure advertisers nervous about hacking and bribery allegations. Without them, the paper can’t survive. Last July, a massive consumer backlash caused advertisers to desert the News of the World in droves, forcing it to close -- and our pressure can ensure they reject its replacement.

Mobile providers O2, Vodafone and Everything Everywhere are still considering advertising in the paper -- even though nearly 200 of their customers were victims of Murdoch’s phone hacking. Let’s tell these companies what’s at stake -- use these tools to send them a clear message and force them to back out of their hacking support.
Click below to leave a comment on the advertisers' Facebook walls. You'll have to click "Like" on each page before you're able to leave your comment. Remember to be polite -- we'll be more effective that way

Here's a suggested comment (but the more personal your comment is, the better):

It's outrageous that your company wants to reward Rupert Murdoch for hacking and bribery by buying ads in his new newspaper. As concerned customers, we ask that you pull your ads from the Sun on Sunday! And please don't delete this comment. I would appreciate a response on whether or not you plan to go ahead with your ads.

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