Open Shuhada Street

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Israeli soldiers shot tear gas and rubber bullets at Palestinians peacefully marching to demand access to their main commercial street. More than a dozen were injured or detained. Now, they are calling on us to help get key diplomats to visit Hebron to expose this repression.

Use the form on the right to send a message directly to key Consuls General in Jerusalem. Here are some tips on what to say. Remember to be polite:
  • Days ago, Israeli soldiers violently cracked down on Palestinians peacefully protesting in Hebron.
  • I urge you to visit the Governor of Hebron and go with him to see the unjust closure and segregation of this city.
  • 200,000 Palestinian residents are banned from their commercial centre, Shuhada Street, while 800 Israeli settlers, protected by heavily-armed Israeli soldiers, are allowed full access.
  • The Israeli settlements are illegal under international law and their presence in the city is increasing tensions and insecurity.

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