Life saving relief efforts for Pakistan's tens of millions of flood victims could be crippled if its government is forced to send abroad a shocking 30% of its annual budget revenues to foreign creditors on debt incurred by previous dictatorships.

Earlier this year, we persuaded creditor governments to drop Haiti's debt after it was devastated by an earthquake -- and now we could do the same for Pakistan.

We need to act fast -- right now international financial institutions and donor countries are assessing how to assist Pakistan. Sign this urgent petition to end this stifling debt and send this on to friends, and it will be delivered directly at the highest level to the the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Petition to the IMF and all Pakistan's creditors:

In the wake of Pakistan's devastating floods, we call on you to immediately declare a two year moratorium with no interest on all of Pakistan's debt payments, as a first step to fully cancelling its unjust debt. We also urge you to ensure aid is given in the form of grants not loans.

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A boy sits on a bed as his family members salvage belongings from their destroyed house in Pabbi, Pakistan. (REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood)

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Map of flood affected areas in Pakistan

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