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Block War Escalation in Somalia!

Block War Escalation in Somalia!


Why this is important

The disaster in Somalia endangers millions in the eastern Africa region. Ever since Kenya joined the war, my country has been under attacks and my fellow countrymen and I are engulfed in perpetual fear of further reprisal attacks. Now the African Union is set to increase the Mission’s force strength with more troops to ESCALATE this war. After over two decades of conflict, many human casualties, and the dire and worsening humanitarian situation in Somalia, this is the first concrete chance for a change of course. We can demand a real plan to end this conflict. But first, we need to put pressure on Kenya to join the international community in seeking peaceful solutions instead of escalating the war. Now it's time to march our petition right into the UN to ensure that the authorization of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) ends as planned. We need as many citizens around the world as possible to sign the petition before we deliver it to the UN on 31 October 2012. Add your voice today!
Posted October 10, 2012
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