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Clean up contaminated 'green' waste

Clean up contaminated 'green' waste


Why this is important

Did you know that councils are paying farmers around £35/tonne to plough so-called 'green' waste into their soil?
Whilst the communal recycling of garden waste is admirable, not all residents are assiduous in sorting their waste. Farmers, in the belief that they are doing the right thing ecologically, are having their land contaminated with shards of plastic, metal and glass and all kinds of other products, including chemicals and toxic substances, which puts at risk the health of wildlife, livestock, crops and humans. Moreover, there is irreversible damage to our heritage as these sites are no longer easily accessible to archaeologists and metal detectorists.
Thousands of tonnes of this toxic rubbish, containing syringes, bottles, gloves, toys, glass - some of which will not decay for hundreds of years, are being tipped on the fields each year.
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Posted January 23, 2013
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