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Diagnosis and treatment of B12 deficiency

Diagnosis and treatment of B12 deficiency


Why this is important to me

In the UK, and across the world, diagnosis and treatment of B12 deficiency is far from ideal. In diagnosing the deficiency there is no gold standard for testing, with the present blood test often failing to detect deficiency, leading to debilitating neurological symptoms; which are often overlooked because medical professionals look for macrocytosis that does not always occur. When a patient is finally diagnosed, often they receive injections once every 3 months, which is far from adequate. Not only this, but those that do not respond to the form of B12 used (hydroxocobalamin in the UK) are ignored, with no access to alternatives (such as methylcobalamin) that could help them.

Treatment should be per individual, based upon symptoms. Instead, patients are left with overwhelming symptoms that could be relieved with individualised treatment plans providing injections as frequently as needed; enabling sufferers to lead normal healthy lives.

Access to vital B12 injections.and the whole ethos around the condition urgently needs to be addressed and the medical community needs to wake up to what they are doing to patients by denying treatment. The Health Department in the UK are well aware of the issues with B12d and have still done nothing to help thousands of people suffering needlessly. This madness needs to stop, allowing patients to take control of their own health, allowing access to injections when needed - be it daily, weekly, monthly; for alternatives to be openly available, and all patients given individual care plans to enable them to regain their lives from this disabling condition.
Posted April 10, 2013
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