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Freedom for Sevil Sevimli

Freedom for Sevil Sevimli


Why this is important

Of course Sevil is not alone in her case, far from it, hundreds of people, journalists, academicians, students and intellectuals are imprisoned in Turkey due to the exception laws that are supposed to fight against terrorism. The problem is that these laws became an instrument to gag any kind of contestation in the country. Sevil is a symbol because in her situation the injustice is obvious and there are hefty fines out of all proportion to the alleged offenses: she is accused to “belong to a terrorist group”. Turkey is a candidate country to the European Union and considers itself as an example for the Middle East countries. What kind of example? Making pressure above the authorities for Sevil shows them that they cannot disregard and violate human rights without provoking reactions in the rest of the world. İf Sevil is a terrorist, we are all terrorists!
Posted July 12, 2012
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