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Reinstall the White House solar panels promised by President Obama

Reinstall the White House solar panels promised by President Obama


Why this is important

Barack Obama promised to reinstall solar panels on the White House roof, but he has not yet fulfilled his pledge.
Ronald Reagan took them down in 1986, after Jimmy Carter had them originally installed, and the White House said new ones would be put up. President Obama now has another four years in the White House, more than enough time to honor his commitment.

The United States of America could, and should, be a world leader in the adoption and promotion of sustainable, renewable resources. If Germany supplies 10% of its power through solar panels, why can't the USA? What is stopping the White House from setting an example for the rest of the country?

It is time stop being in denial about climate change, and time to start doing something about it. Please stand by your word, Mr. Obama. The American citizens, and the rest of the world, are waiting.

For more information regarding climate change doubt and the history of removing the panels, please watch the following documentary (and inspiration for petition):

Posted November 29, 2012
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