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Stop Baboons being Killed in the Cape Peninsula.

Stop Baboons being Killed in the Cape Peninsula.


Why this is important

In 1998 the Chacma Baboons of the Cape Peninsula gained protective status. This status is now being overlooked with regards to repeat raiders and dispersing males who are trying to leave the peninsula to join troops further inland. The city sprawl prevents them from following their natural route, and as a result they get stuck in the suburbs.

The City of Cape Town and Cape Nature Conservation, instead of assisting them in their natural dispersion, or addressing management issues with residents who are responsible for the baboons losing natural habitat and adapting their behavior accordingly, have authorised the killing of these healthy, strong male baboons.
Baboons are a highly adaptive species who in this case have naturally adapted to the human environment forced on them. They are not predators who view humans as a food source but regard humans as another primate species with whom they are competing for resources. Their reputation as “dangerous” is mostly exaggerated due to the many myths that have been perpetuated due to our fears. The media with its reliance on sensationalism all too often plays on this, keeping the public fearful and ignorant of the true facts surrounding this species.
Posted June 24, 2012
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