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Stop P & G form torturing & testing their products on animals.

Stop P & G form torturing & testing their products on animals.


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Stop the torture of animals by Proctor & Gamble, they are testing and torturing animals needlessly. There are many wonderful products in the market not tested on animals. It is cruel and unconscionable. Please stop them for the sake of these poor creatures. They are blinded, operated on and left open, etc. Please stop them. Proctor and Gamble is guilty of injuring, torturing, sadistic practices and inhumane treatment of animals. There is absolutely no need what so ever. They are being tortured for shampoo products etc. Please sign and pass it on. It has been proven there is no need to test on animals for the products they supply the public with. End the torture! There are many good products in the market made without torturing innocent animals. Animals are blinded, burned, operated on left open and alive for observation and so on.
Please help, please stop this!
Posted July 20, 2012
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