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Stop Poisoning Our Water With Fluoride

Stop Poisoning Our Water With Fluoride


Why this is important

The addition of fluorosilicic acid to public water supplies under the guise of a 'preventative measure for dental caries' is blatantly a medication and cannot be interpreted in any other way therefore people in areas where the water supply is fluoridated are being mass medicated without their consent. This is an infringement of their human rights as well as a slow death by poisoning. Children suffer greatest from fluoride poisoning as can be seen from the increase in dental fluorosis in areas that fluoridate water. Dental fluorosis is but an outward sign of something far more dangerous, skeletal fluorosis, which is the poisoning of the whole skeletal structure. There is no doubt that fluoride is a neurotoxin, reduces IQ and is totally uneccessary for the function of the human bio system. The latest scientific study from Harvard University by Choi et al confirms most if not all of the fears that anti-fluoridationists have been saying for years. It is a sad indictment on those that are pro-fluoride that there is not one single scientifically validated study to be found that supports their view. Fluoride does NOT stop cavities. This was a myth created and marketed by ALCOA (American Aluminum Company of America) way back in the late 40's so that instead of having to spend millions on safe disposal of a toxic waste product they instead sold the same toxic waste product for profit to the gullible water and dental hygiene industries.
Posted August 24, 2012
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