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For our ultimate Peace, Prosperity & Progress, let us co-create LOVE AID in honour of Mother Earth!

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For our ultimate Peace, Prosperity & Progress, let us co-create LOVE AID in honour of Mother Earth!


Why this is important to me

Mahaprabhu Mantra Mela


New Clear Consciousness for the Nuclear Age

"We are not Human Beings, having a 'spiritual experience' - we are spiritual Beings, having a human Experience!"

(Mahatma Gandhi)

"To Love and to be Loved - that is the Answer!"

(Ion T. Veddinge)

We invite all good souls to join our Universal Campaign, 'LOVE AID 2014' - working together for the Highest Purpose - to benefit all Humankind, and all other precious Species of Life on this Planet.

To financially support LOVE AID, please visit the link below...

However, more than just raising money, LOVE AID seeks to raise the collective consciousness of the entire human society, to the highest plane of natural Joy and Ecstasy, where Life flows, full of Synchronicity!

As responsible human beings, let us learn to practice the art of cooperating in being supportive and creative, to preserve the dignity of Humanity, in heartfelt honour of our beloved Mother Earth!

More than ever before, our Mother Planet greatly wants to feel our collective Love and Affection; especially as Mankind is now coming to realize the Essential Truth that the positive Power of Love and Trust will always replace the anxiety and doubts, and all types of negativity, within the depths of the human psyche...

Darkness will only be dissipated

as we allow our own Light to shine through!

Likewise, the destructive forces

must now be replaced by the Creative Power of Love!

This is the philosophy and principle behind our Global Campaign, of staging wonderful Concerts, entertaining Live-shows and artistic Events - under the heading of 'Mahaprabhu Mantra Mela - LOVE AID 2014 - New Clear Consciousness for the Nuclear Age!'

LIVE AID manifested in 1985 - and 'reincarnated' 20 years later as 'LIVE 8' - but both these events appeared to stem mainly from a deep sense of guilt over the poverty and starvation of the systematically plundered and exploited African continent, which once was wealthy.

This needed sense of remorse seemed to have been nagging the collective consciousness within the more affluent countries, of the Western world, as greed and selfishness had reached its peak...

A bold campaign was started, motivating famous artists and popular celebrities, to offer their support in those historically famous and popular LIVE AID concerts, held in New York and London, to gather financial help to end the starvation of the poor people in Africa.

Years later, however, there is still a deep sense of suffering, not just on one continent, but sadly all around planet Earth.

The most urgent requirement is for us all to clearly identify the underlying cause of this global malady, as we have had enough of existing in an unhealthy atmosphere, and are now ready to change...

Indeed, the global crisis is of a spiritual nature - due to mainly two missing elements in the deepest recess of our hearts - those two essentially spiritual Qualities of Peace and Goodwill, upon which true Love and Happiness will thrive and grow, like a lush rainforest, wherein a variety of species live, in peaceful co-existence...

Due to the spiritual cause of this threat to our collective well-being, sustainability and ultimate survival, it is not about creating a fancy financial plan, or finding some political solution.

Let us all now come together to manifest a firm platform, enabling all creative souls, gifted artists and blessed performers to shine their Light of Love, in a Global Celebration of the Creative Spirit of Pure Goodness!

Let us attract wealth and success to increase the atmosphere of Hope, Love and Trust, and let ethical companies enjoy their good karma, by sponsoring these live-shows, which shall be aired by satellite TV-transmission to at least 55 countries on 7 continents around the planet, for the upliftment of all Humanity.

Such a major exposure will give proper attention to the real issue we are all faced with - that we must learn to offer our unconditional love to Mother Nature - which includes all living beings - for this Sacrifice is actually the missing link in our Collective Human Evolution.

Let us therefore all serve this greatest of all Causes, of combining our positive forces and show all power-hungry people that the greatest, most benevolent Force is that of genuine Love and Affection!

The greatest of all Causes, is combining our creative Forces!


is not an Absence of War

but to feel protected by Nature's Law!


is not as we think, something we make

as we in our Loneliness just get a short Break...


is needed, of what we can't see

- of the Borders we cross, in our Urge to feel Free...

Instead of endless Wars, Conflicts and Mistrust, let us now try to live together as One Human Family, in a blessed Atmosphere of genuine Peace, Love and Understanding between all people.

Let us therefore each offer our Support to manifest this crucially needed LOVE AID - in honour of our beloved Mother Earth!

Posted October 14, 2013
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