Make Haiyan a turning point

To all governments meeting at the Warsaw climate conference:

As global citizens shocked by the devastation of superstorm Haiyan, we urge you to listen to the plea of the Filipino government and ensure Warsaw delivers meaningful progress for saving our planet. All nations must do much more to cut the pollution that is driving these storms, and wealthier nations should honour their financial commitments to the most vulnerable, so they can effectively adapt and manage the risk climate change presents to the poorest communities. Haiyan shows us climate change is here and it is up to you to commit to action, now.
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Typhoon Haiyan just flattened the Eastern Philippines. It is the most ferocious storm on record, and unless we act now, scientists say we will be seeing many more.

From droughts in Australia to superstorms in the US -- extreme weather is becoming the norm. These are not natural disasters -- they are climate change catastrophes. But two simple things can help curb a planetary crisis: 1) All governments commit to do more to cut pollution. 2) Richer countries, that are mainly responsible for global warming, fund poorer countries to mitigate against tragedies. Just sending in aid after Haiyan is like a bandaid on an epidemic.

The Philippine government is calling for these two things right now at a UN climate summit. And their delegate there has just declared a hunger strike until the world responds! But he is standing alone, facing a room of bureaucrats who are doing almost nothing to help. If we bring the power of our 29 million strong community in to stand with him, we could help make sure Haiyan is a turning point. Add your name for ambitious climate action now:

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