The Truth About Europe's Health Care!

The Truth About Europe's Health Care!

To the US Congress and the people of America,

We urge you to ignore the myths about health systems in our country and others that are being pushed by US healthcare companies. Our national system of public healthcare works very well and enjoys extremely high levels of public support. We wish you a healthy and honest debate about healthcare in the US.
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European health care systems aren't perfect, but we would never trade our national system for the one in the US.

Yet conservative US politicians and greedy insurance companies are pushing lies about European health care as a way to scare the American public off national health care - risking Obama's whole movement for change and threatening his majority in Congress.

Sign the petition below and tell friends - huge numbers of us will cause a stir in the US media and affect the debate, and Avaaz will deliver our message to wavering US Senators this month before they cast their vote in Congress.